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Special Woodstock

Virtual Special Woodstock

2020/21 Virtual Special Woodstock

 was a complete success!

We were able to include people from all over Canada as well as other countries, such as the USA, Uganda, and England.

For a full day, at the Duncan Showroom, in a safe and organized fashion, Shelley Vaags hosted the festival with performers coming in one at a time to perform and alternated with the live videos of other performers from around the world. 

It was a feat! We are all very proud of the way that it worked out with our limited practice at Youtube live as well as being synchronized with our Facebook page, Virtual Special Woodstock 2020.

Thanks to Ted Cadillac for his expertise, and our House Band, "The Rubber Bandz" for playing all day as well as being the backup band for performers.

Thanks to Tammy and her volunteers for hosting the holding/sanitizing station

As well as our thanks to all of you for tuning in.

It is all still available for viewing on YouTube 

Here is a little video of Rachael Buchannon watching Virtual Special Woodstock 2020 from home