Rick Scott with his beautiful granddaughter, Mielle xoxox

Rick Scott is one of our Angels, as is his granddaughter, Mielle. 

Bringing his star quality and reputation to our festival helped put us on the map.

His daughter Kari, Mielles mother, wrote a beautiful book which was published 2 years ago called, Snapshot of a Soul Place, which mentions Special Woodstock in its pages. You can buy it at the merchandise table, along with Ricks large collection of C.Ds for sale. Maybe even get an autograph. (He is quite famous!)

He wrote this beautiful song for her when she was born and it has been featured on the t.v. program, "Treehouse", ever since! 

Special Woodstock Promo Video-by Erin Rooke

Special Woodstock 2013 Promo Video-By Erin Rooke