The Rose Garden Stage

The Rose Garden Stage is located behind the Providence Farm Chapel and hosted by Hardie Mackintosh, and Bill Levity

Here, amongst the rose bushes and the apple trees, is the Gazebo stage. Where you will be able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, whilst enjoying the relaxing music provided by soloists, duets, trios, choirs.

The Rose Garden Performers this year are:

Rose Garden Stage

(Subject to change)

11:00 -Bill Levity

11:30-Owen Vaags

11:45-Robbie and Josh

11:50- Hannah Gentes

12:05- Len Smiley

12:30-The Victoria Gaelic Choir-

1:00-Donny Mac

1:30-Gracie Hooper

2:00- Foreste Tuttle

2:15-Ryllie Smyth

Chris Triggs

2:30-Hardie McKintosh

3:00-Malaura Bracken

3:30- Wellspring Brookes

4:00 Mahri Sherlock