Ken Waet

Ken Waet passed away this year quite unexpectantly. He was one of our Island Stage M.C.'s for almost 10 years. He was a singer/guitarist and a very supportive friend to all who knew him.

Ken worked at Glendale Lodge in Victoria for many years and because of his involvement there,  knew most of our festival participants with developmental disabilities by name.

Ken was very much loved by everyone and will be missed immensely. 


Clyde lived at Burnside Group Home and was one of our talented musicians. He performed for us for many years on the Islands' Stage, wowing us with his rendition of Day O'.

Although limited in his speech, he sang his song with enthusiasm and confidence.

We will all miss this handsome, gentleman.


Brian left us last year. He was a staple of Special Woodstock. A fine musician and performer. He headed up our media and sponsorship for years on the Special Woodstock committee, and the house band every year until he fell ill.

He was an environmentalist, an artist, a photographer, and a loving father and friend.


Rest in Peace, dear Larry! He's on stage waiting for his turn at the mic! Always there to wow the crowd. 😊😊

Linda Rivas" I would like to thank Shelley Vaags for making time for Larry and me to sing that day at Special Woodstock Society. This made him and Sheila so very happy and was a wonderful treat for him. He didn't need me there, but he loved the company and sharing the spotlight."

Laurene Townsend -"The black guitar! Rest in Peace Larry. Play on. Johny Cash 


Dan Theriault was the keyboard player for the Smiley Family for many years and played on stage since its inception until his last year on earth, 2015. He had so much enthusiasm and zest for life! He played and sang with all of his heart and soul and we miss him terribly.


Sam's beautiful mother, Colleen passed away this week. She was a huge supporter of Special Woodstock.

We will miss her smiling face.

Hoss Kristinsson

Hoss, of "Thor and the Thundercats", left us quite a few years ago., but his support and belief in Shelley helped to give her the courage to create  Special Woodstock. Hoss was the first musician friend to donate his time and talent as well as he helped the people arriving in the morning in vans with any heavy lifting.. Hoss would also wait with clients while caregivers parked the vans.

Thor, his brother, and bandmate wrote our theme song,

" Special Woodstock, Let your Love Shine On"

Thor and the Thundercats still perform for us throughout the years with their cool blues sounds.

Sid Roemer

Sid Roemer has been one of Special Woodstocks' biggest supporters over the years. His confidence in our festival carried over to all of the other Lions' Clubs and help secure funding for the many expenses incurred by putting on a festival of this size.

Very much loved and missed, our Lions friend, Sid.