Kody Anderson

Age 21

Birthdate August 26/1996

Kody has always enjoyed music since he was very young . He also enjoys swimming, bowling, Special Olympics, track, and field. He also enjoys chilling with his friends singing any old song. Kody auditioned in 2016/2017 for The Great Big Show and in 2018 was the debut at the McPherson Theatre for 5 showings last February. All the artists were paid $25 an hour to make the show. It was an amazing experience and Kody adores all his friends he met making the show !! Kody as looks forward to Special Wood Stock every year !!

Kody Anderson will be singing a CCR tune with Shelley and the Rubber Band at 12:40 on August 19. Kody is as even-keeled as he looks. Always a smile for everyone and every situation.

Kody is an actor as well as a singer. He performed in the widely acclaimed theatre production called, "Great Big Show" in Victoria B.C. 


Kody is an active participant at "Track Shoes" and has won many awards for his athletic accomplishments.

He likes adventures such as swimming, canoeing, wall climbing and paddle boarding!

Kody sings with Rick Scott Special Woodstock 2018