Karaoke with Vicki Searle

Vicki has entertained with her band, "Loose Change" on our Islands Stage many times over the years. She has been on the planning committee as well as volunteered her other professional occupation and passion, hosting Karaoke, almost since the beginning!

Vicki and her daughter, Sabrina, are fun and energetic hosts and encourage everyone to pick their favorite songs from her extensive song list and sing their hearts out to an appreciative audience. 

For every song that you sing karaoke to, a ballet will be put in a draw box with your name on it, for a chance to win a karaoke machine! 

Sabrina Spenceley

Sabrina has been helping her mother with Karaoke for her entire life in one way or another and is now a Professional performer herself.

Although she has been dealing with post-concussion issues which are not fun, she doesn't let anything get her down!