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Special Woodstock

Join the 2022 Islands’ Stage 

 Islands’ Stage 

Past Performers of the Islands Stage

Rick Scott

Rick Scott is an award-winning singer, songwriter, storyteller and actor who combines music and laughter in lively, participatory concerts for all ages. His gift for combining wacky humour and poignant human commentary has earned him a devoted following from four generations around the world.

Over 35 years he has performed over one thousand shows in schools, festivals and concert halls in Canada, the US, Australia, and Southeast Asia. He’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation. He offers inspirational keynote concerts for educators and caregivers and MUSIC AS A SECOND LANGUAGE songwriting workshops for people who don’t think that they’re musical.

Rick has released 18 albums including a 4-CD musical audio novel and seven children’s CDs honoured with three Juno nominations and Parents’ Choice, Family Choice. NAPPA Gold, iParenting Media, Children’s Music Web, and Canadian Folk Music Awards. In February 2014 in Nanaimo, he will premiere a program introducing children to the orchestra with the Vancouver Island Symphony.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County was formed in 2010 and is one of Vancouver Island's most popular and busy bands. With shows all over the island, this band has become a favorite to many throughout the island.

The band is known for their high energy show and strong audience interaction. Playing a mix of top new country hits and original songs by lead singer Wayne Montgomery, this band has become a popular band throughout the south island.

Contact us by email at [email protected] or by calling Wayne at 250-217-9002.

Thor and the Thundercats

Blues at its finest!

Thor has been with our festival since its beginning. He also wrote our theme song, "Special Woodstock, Let your Love Shine On" The Thundercats are located in the Cowichan Valley and have many Blues fans that follow their career.

Ruby and Ebonie Kafalava

Hawaiian Dancers

Grab a Lei from the box by the stage and start learning to dance the Hawaiian way! Ruby and Ebonie will show you how to do a few steps and together we will dance under the sun to the peaceful Hawaiian music of their homeland.

Get in touch with Special Woodstock in Victoria, British Columbia now to know how you can join the 2022 Islands’ Stage.

Watch the 2022 Rose Garden Stage