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Special Woodstock

 Rose Garden Stage

 We have a variety of soloists, duets, and Trios playing for us this year, 2020. Online! Combined and alternating with our bands throughout the day, August 16, 2020.

The performers highlighted will be featured below this schedule'


( schedule is subject to change)

10:00-10:05 Petrie Family

10:10-10:20Just Jim

10:25-10:35- Mackenzie Group Home

10:40-10:50-Doug -Landsend House


11:00-11:10 -John Rewers

11:15-11:25- Erin Fulton

11:30-11:40-Willis Taylor

11:45-11:55-Chadelle Rasmussen

12:00-12:10- Sabrina Spencely

12:15-12:25-Kody Anderson

12:30-12:40-Robbie Hancock

12:45-12:55-Rick Scott

1:00-1:10 Dave Spinks

1:15-1:25 Rachel Buchanon

1:30-1:40-Sister Act

1:45-1:55-Peter Bourne

2:00-2:10 Gracie Hooper

2:15-2:25- Singing Buddies

2:30-2:40-The "Rain Makers" from Haida Gwaii

2:45-2:55- Peace, Love, and Joy

3:00-3:10- special guest TBA

3:15-3:25-Blake and Myles

3:30-3:40-Maria Manna

3:45-3:55- Deryn Petrie

4:00-4:10-The Smiley Family

4:15-4:25-Twin Oaks Group home

4:30-4:4o-Beverley McKeen

4:45-4:55 -Brian Joachim

5:00-5:10-Shane MAC Victoria Rapper

5:15-5:25 Nicolaspocetti-from Grande Cache

5:30-5:40-Paul Kilshaw

5:45-5:55-Twin Oaks

6:00-6:10- Wayne Montgomery.

6:15-6:25- Mahad- drummer from Pakistan

6:30-6:40-Phil. Douglas - Campfire harmonica from Utah, USA

6:45-6:55-Foreste Tuttle

7:00-7:10-Melanie Paul and Jeff Shardlow -Langley,BC

7:15-7:25-Scott Owen

7:30-740-Rhianna Bar-Beaumont


 Rose Garden Stage 

The Rose Garden Stage is located behind the Providence Farm Chapel and hosted by Longevity John Faulkner

Here, amongst the rose bushes and the apple trees, is the Gazebo stage. Where you will be able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, whilst enjoying the relaxing music provided by soloists, duets, trios, choirs.

Erin Fulton


Erin's  favorite color is pink,. She loves music, and also loves being at  Special Woodstock .

Erin also loves to go shopping, and  just hang out

Just Jim

Jim's wonderful voice , large repertoire and great stage presence have earned him many  loyal  followers in the Cowichan Valley. He offers a wide range of music including:

Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, Don McLean,Harry Chapin, Neil Diamond ,Willie Nelson and Charlie Pride .

Gracie Hooper

Winner of this years talent contest in Nanaimo BC

Gracie has a beautiful voice that has captured the hearts of distinguished judges everywhere.

Chandelle Rasmussen


Virtual Special Woodstock 2020

Rick Scott

Andrew McCormick

We are so proud and excited to have Andrew McCormack join us this year at Special Woodstock! Andy, A local musician that has been in the valley for 12 years. A favorite at local markets pubs and senior's homes. As of late Andrew is working at 70s Canadian one-hit wonders.

Andrew will be closing down the Rose Garden Stage, He is rushing back from another gig that day to perform for us. You won't want to miss this great energy!

Get in touch with Special Woodstock in Victoria, British Columbia now to know how you can watch the 2019 Rose Garden Stage.

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